Design as a profession.

I should walk away, before I cant go back.

This was the though that gave me strength in loop while deciding to change careers from engineering to design. A change in profession so drastic, was something that bothered people around me, more than myself who was undergoing this process. Their curiosity levels crossed the prescribed range probably because my engineering was from no ordinary college.

Yes, that is a correct guess- Indian Institute of Technology. Specifically IIT BHU, Varanasi in a subject that always enticed me- Chemical Engineering. Here’s the jeopardy- I was actually good at it. Than why this shift in careers ? ? ….. because there is a difference between what you CAN do & what you WANT to do. Its not necessary that if “Bhindi” is your favorite vegetable, you dont like eating “Gobhi”. As simple as that !

Word mark of National Institute of Design

Since my peers had this question in their minds, I anticipated the same from the Interviewers during NID admissions. That’s the same answer that probably got me through National Institute of Design, more commonly known as NID (one of the best design institute).

Two months later, I was breathing in the air of a Design school. The 730 days that were about to unfold were going to be an exercise in sustained suffering. A suffering that pushed me to make choices that challenged me with something I wasn’t familiar or accustomed to. A suffering that made me uncomfortable in every possible way.

Being uncomfortable implies being out of your comfort zone, & working consistently in such environment has made grow into what I am today. Someone who is blessed enough to practice design as a way of life.

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