Design as Personality.

Learn to dis-identify your mind to find correct attitude towards things.

Ask yourself- Why do your want to be a designer. Try to be clear about it, as your clarity of answer to this question will always reflect as a positive synergy in your work.

Creative sectors today can be broadly classified into two domains-

  1. Knowledge intensive- which include fields like Design, Advertising, Architecture, Media, software, etc.
  2. Non-knowledge intensive- Art & craft where its more of a medium of personal expression rather than addressing an solving a problem. Although, with current revolution in the world crafts markets, designers are actively finding ways and techniques to amalgamate the two domains.

Having said that, today we are in a creative era where decisions are influenced not by function, utility and efficiency, but by Design, Name and Story.

Let me put forth some examples-

  1. Food is just not to satisfy hunger
  2. Ducati is not seen just as a mode of transport
  3. Gadgets today are not juts for utility
  4. spaces are not just for environments.

They are all about stories and experiences. They are about the ATTITUDE and PERSONALITY. Why do you think that “Paper boat” became such a huge success in such a short span of time ?

The brand describes itself as ” Paper Boat drinks are all your favorite old flavors in a new avatar”. This idea of old flavors is thought and executed down to detail in each digital and physical touch-point of the brand. They use a voice over of a middle aged woman with husky tone in their advertisements which makes you instantly subconsciously connect with your mother and grand mother, take you down the memory lane of having enjoyed ‘Aam panna’, ‘Jaljeera’, ‘imli’, etc.

Through these subtle techniques, brands bring across their story to makes the audience feel a particular way without even letting them know. This is like controlling their subconscious. Now irrespective of how the drink tastes, you end up choosing paper boat among 50 other options on the shelf of supermarket. The brand registered itself in the mind of the audience as a “personality” with a relatable “attitude”.

Look closely, and you’ll realize that anything can happen by Design.

The bad news is- Everything must happen by design.

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