Design v/s Art

While design makes life meaningful, Art makes it worth living.

While writing in Indian context, most of the students good in studies are forced/ brainwashed to become engineers, because that’s what you are suppose to do if you are good at studies. The same situation also arises in the context of design. For parents who are progressive enough to let their children explore other equally good education alternatives, mostly confuse their child’s proficiency in art with design.

Art and design are two very different things. And the terms have been used interchangeably because both of them date back to time immemorial. While Art is mostly a medium to self expression, Design usually has a motive behind it. Design always solves a problem without personal bias.

I write this about ART on a very positive note and not at all to make it look any less of design. This is just to mark a line of differentiation.

While talking about art, the first thing that pops up in my mind is “Still Life”. Subtle, calm, reflecting are the first words that cross my mind for it. An important game of light and darkness comes into play that gives us a perception of colors. Its not just about drawing roses or apples or candles or sunflowers (my favorite) on canvas, But contemplating their form, origin, nature, usefulness and variety among themselves. This gives us true understanding of things around us. It gives us a sense of how to see objects.

And for the same reason, good artists have a very strong observation. And for the same reason, a lot of great artists are great designers as well. The understanding of design for an artist just enhances his self expression into a vision that is supported by a sustainable cause.

Rather than just admiring beauty. An artist turned designer would probably ask- Why beauty? what is beautiful? how do we perceive beauty? How are we consuming it ? Is beauty subjective? Is beauty useful? Is there a global standard to beauty? and ………

While a designer is asking these questions, an artist would be busy making all the answers worthwhile.

Think about it…..

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