Design as Visuals

Visualization is externalization of imagination.

Fundamentals of Visual Design can be bifurcated into multiple approaches. Approaches like-

  1. Perception
  2. Aesthetics
  3. Narratives
  4. Semiotics
  5. Representation Techniques

While all these words sound heavy (which will be addressed in upcoming blogs), but a single visual can be read by different people belonging to different fields of expertise, differently. While two vertical lines parallel to each other will instantly be read as 11 by a mathematician, a designer will be instantly flooded with visuals of railway track, narrow stream, lines of a page, incomplete rectangle, shooting arrows, an inverted equals-to and off-course eleven.

Visualization is externalization of imagination, and a designer is the one to execute it. A designer brushes his brain constantly for years and develops skills to see, distinguish, represent, visualize and imagine. And do them all at the same time.

A visual has synesthetic aspects attached to it. It means that a Visual gives much more perceptions simultaneously than anything else (like music or smell). A single visual stimulates multiple senses inside us. Just imagine your favorite dish that your mum cooks. Is it just the dish you visualize, or its also the color, the mouth-watering taste that is triggered. Hasn’t it happened with you that when your mum tells that she will be preparing the same dish for dinner, your dinner time shifts an hour before just because you want to consume that dish so desperately. That’s the power of a visual.

When no design rules are followed but mind solely decides whether a thing is liked or disliked by us, when just your inner tastes and choices work, a true sensory experience is triggered.

Don’t just look at things as things or words, but build your pictorial ability to see the experience behind it.

Dance can be learned by watching someone else doing it…

Think about it…

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